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Thank you for your interest in our BATT-RECON product line!

This is your invitation to join us in the “Sulfation Elimination” of batteries, thus restoring many batteries that would otherwise be discarded. If we all work together, we can influence individuals to save money and substantially help the environment by keeping millions of batteries from being ground up and recycled every year.

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The Conventional BattRecon Service Systems are designed to be used by service technicians to charge, de-sulfate  and test industrial batteries.  The product line features portability,  low energy consumption, scientifically accurate processes, fast results requiring little technical training, low cost to own ...

BATT-RECON Conventional Service Systems

Bravo Zulu International Ltd (BZI), began in 1996 as a corporation to buy and sell aircraft and aircraft parts internationally. The company now has locations throughout the world.

In 1999, BZI entered into the Flight Simulation Market by designing a full motion based, helicopter flight simulator. The Helitrainer was unique in the world of flight simulation because it has a full motion base with continuous rotation in either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. This was a tremendous advantage in flight simulation because it was the first time you could actually simulate with motion, the effects of a complete tail rotor system failure in a helicopter or a flat spin in a fixed wing aircraft. The hydraulic motion based system invented and manufactured by BZI, was controlled very precisely by the use of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

Thus, BZI engineers became masters of PWM in order to provide accurate resolution of the motion-based hydraulics, when referenced to the flight simulation software and visuals. This expertise was used to become the world innovator in Pulse Width Modulated Battery De-Sulfating techniques.

In late 2002, BZI entered into a contract with Pakistan Air Force, the fifth largest Air Force in the world, to design and develop flight simulators for their Air Force Academy. In 2004, BZI was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to design and develop 13 different types of flight simulators.

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