The BattRecon Rental Pool

With the development and entrance to the  market of the Model 8000, Battery Self Powered Diagnostics and Desulfation system, we realized the need to temporarily provide our clients with the ability to deploy large volumes of these devices to work with an entire fleet of customer batteries.    

The BattRecon Rental Pool allows our dealer to temporarily rent the number of Model 8000 units they need to diagnose and desulfate a large fleet of batteries,  without purchasing the devices or entering into a long term lease.   

Using a simple rental and security agreement, BattRecon LLC will rent on a weekly basis, enough Model 8000 machines to pair with the number of chargers that the End User Client has in their operation.  Either our dealer, or a BattRecon Representative will dispatch and install a Model 8000 with each of the End Users battery chargers, or as directed by the dealer. 

Once the Model 8000 devices have been used for a few days and the batteries are fully desulfated, the dealer or the BattRecon Representative will return to the facility and retrieve the units for shipment back the the BattRecon designated depot storage center.  

Using the BattRecon Rental Pool system, the BattRecon Authorized Dealer is enabled to rapidly desulfate a large fleet of batteries for their client, at a low marginal cost factor.