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Battery DESulfation or Battery Optimization?

The Model 8000 is the result of years of research and development to produce a truly five-minute, battery self-powered desulfation process. While one desulfation treatment is considered minimum, one or two additional BattRecon desulfation and recharging cycles, such as during a Standard Optimization Cycle, provide the maximum benefit.

battrecon battery desulfation

Battery Desulfation

Battery Desulfation Service is simply the process of connecting the Model 8000 to the battery, then allowing it to complete its pre-programmed “5-Minute” cycle. 

After the completion of the initial automated cycle, you may either return the battery to normal service, or repeat the service process manually.

We recommend that you repeat the process with a manually-controlled battery recharging between desulfation cycles. The Service Mode variant is enclosed within a high-impact plastic case for easy technician transportation.

battrecon battery optimization

Battery Optimization

Battery Optimization is the automatic cycling between the BattRecon process and the battery charger.

Create a BattRecon Optimization Station by permanently connecting one BattRecon Model 8000 to a dedicated charger; thereafter, re-charge all your fleet batteries by rotation through the Model 8000 BattRecon Optimization Station.

We suggest battery optimization once every month to fully maintain battery performance and to extend battery life expectancy.