The Model 8000: Battery Preventive Maintenance Made Simple!

During the previous 100 years of lead-acid battery operation, battery maintenance has been limited to - charging and overcharging - in an attempt to desulfate the battery, then performing external corrosion treatments  and watering. There has never been a quick, effective way to desulfate a battery and RESTORE LOST PERFORMANCE without transportation to and from a dedicated, facility based battery shop!  

Today, however, we are announcing the World's Only, "ON SITE" Battery Sulfation Preventive Maintenance, Restoration Device and Life Extension Process, ... The BattRecon Model 8000!

The BattRecon Model 8000 is portable, lightweight  and is powered from the battery Itself, ... NO EXTERNAL ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS are REQUIRED!  Our process is applied at the battery site, eliminating battery transportation, while silently operating in the background of a normal re-charging operation.


Transporting the battery is expensive, disrupts the forklift operation and often requires a loaner or rental battery to keep the warehouse operational.   Facility based battery maintenance requires dedicated - trained personnel, vehicles, insurance, labor, and administrative costs, ... all of which are passed along to the "End User" of the battery as a battery servicing cost.   None of these expenses actually improve the battery's performance, they are just the marginal, "sunk costs" of facility based desulfation.       

Battery Preventive Maintenance and Restoration using the Model 8000, by contrast, eliminates most of those marginal costs, reduces battery watering frequency and typically extends the Battery Life Expectancy several years. 

This new process eliminates facility based battery transportation and lost operator productivity, while eliminating most technician labor/training and battery expertise requirements.  The BattRecon Model 8000, used in conjunction with a battery charger, does a better job of desulfating the battery than any other conventional method!!

Your Batteries "SELF POWER" back into Operational Efficiency!

Even batteries that have lost performance from sulfation, or are in a low state of charge, may "self power" their way back to the fullest possible battery capacity with as few as one,  ..."5-Minute" BattRecon Treatment!  While one desulfation treatment  is considered minimum,  1 or 2 additional and subsequent BattRecon desulfation and re-charging  cycles, such as during a Standard Optimization Cycle,  provide the maximum benefit.

Model 8000 Features

No Battery Transportation

Battery Self Powered!

Used at the Client's Facility

No Training - Auto Plug 'N Play

Low Cost Rental Program

Rent 1, 5, or up to 400 Model 8000 Devices from us, WHEN and AS as you need them.  

Operates in the background during normal battery 

re-charging - No Service Interruption!

Service or Optimization Mode

Artificial Intelligence Based Self Learning for each Individual Battery, adjusting the applied process in real time to maximize the battery's efficiency!

24/36/48 Multi-volt operation 

Cell tower service version.

Mining Battery Version.

Cargo Ship battery version

Locomotive Version


UPS and data center version

May be permanently wired into a vehicle or base station, to automatically and periodically desulfate batteries

WIFI Capable

Multiple US and International Patents issued and pending

Pioneers in the Battery Preventive maintenance Market!

Today's revolutionary new product and process is the BattRecon Model 8000, Battery Preventive Maintenance, Advanced Diagnostics and Battery RESTORATION System!  The Model 8000 is the result of years of research and development to produce a truly "5-Minute," battery self powered desulfation process.  Combined with features such as portability, low cost, no operator training or experience requirements, and the capacity to service large fleets of batteries at one time, results in a tremendous business opportunity for service related companies.  

In fact, this device is so unique and powerful that it has set a new PARADIGM in the Battery Servicing Industry.  The BattRecon Model 8000 has created a new market niche, The Battery Preventive Maintenance and DIAGNOSTIC Process! 

Use the Model 8000 as the standard Preliminary Diagnostic Tool.

When your battery performance begins to slow, simply position the Model 8000 between your charger and the batteries to be recharged during normal operations.  After only a few recharging cycles, if your battery is restored to serviceability, ... then you're done!  If not, then proceed to a facilities based solution, using the BattRecon Medic, our full diagnostic and restoration system!


The BattRecon Artificial Intelligence Module

"SEE INSIDE THE BATTERY" with BattRecon Artificial Intelligence!

The Model 8000 replaces a technician's skill and experience with our Patented BattRecon Artificial Intelligence Firmware Module.  BattRecon A.I., initially conducts a battery diagnostic to determine the battery's condition, then applies varying pulse frequencies and amplitudes to determine the most efficient process to restore the battery's maximum efficiency.  BattRecon A.I. continuously monitors and records the affect that each applied pulse has upon the battery, modifying subsequent pulses accordingly in real time to fully maximize battery performance.  

At the completion of a BattRecon Desulfation Cycle, the A.I. displays a Qualitative Diagnostic Value of the battery's performance on the Model 8000 control panel.  Subsequent applied BattRecon Desulfation cycles may be compared to previous cycles, to formulate an estimated Qualitative Value of the performance restoration.

Battery Sulfation Servicing or Battery Optimization?

Battery Desulfation Service


Battery DeSulfation Service is simply the process of connecting the Model 8000 to the battery, then allowing it to complete its pre-programmed "5-Minute"cycle.  After the completion of initial automated cycle, you may either return the battery to normal service, or repeat the service process manually.  We recommend that you repeat the process with a manually controlled battery re-charging between desulfation cycles.  The Service Mode variant is enclosed within a high impact plastic case for easy technician transportation. 

Battery Optimization


Battery Optimization is the automatic cycling between the BattRecon process and the battery charger.  Create a BattRecon Optimization Station by permanently connecting one BattRecon Model 8000 to a dedicated charger, thereafter, re-charge all your fleet batteries by rotation through the Model 8000.  


We suggest battery optimization once every month to fully maintain the battery performance, and extend battery life expectancy.  



The BattRecon Cloud

The BattRecon Cloud is a patented process allowing you to SCAN - COMMAND and CONTROL, a BattRecon Model 6080 device from anywhere in the world, and yes, ... even hovering in a helicopter above  Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!  

All you need is cell tower service with internet connection for the Model 6080, then using your internet connected cell phone, tablet or home computer, you can monitor and control the progress of your full desulfation, charge and discharge process from anywhere in the world!  

While most of us don't need to check the status of a battery service cycle on the Model 6080 during a flight in a helicopter, it's nice to be able to share the process of the battery restoration with your client in real time via the internet, to update the status or even change the operational parameters of the process in real time while your are stuck in traffic, or just watching television at home!

BattREcon Products and Services

Model 4800


The Model 4800, is our original BattRecon desulfation device and a true "Workhorse" of the battery desulfation industry.  Currently in production, the 4800 has been sold in over 45 countries.    The 4800 is legendary for it's robust performance, universal voltage capability, and unmached performance restoration.  Requires 120 or 220 electricity. 

Model 6080 BattMedic


The Model 6080 "Batt-Medic," is the World's most sophisticated, cloud based full servicing and diagnostic system!  This system uses a single point connection with the battery to allow the sequencing between the battery and a charger, the BattRecon Desulfation Process and a load discharge test.  Never move batteries between the charger and load tester again!

Requires 120 VAC electricity.

Model 4812/4848 Automotive


 The Model 4812 or 4848  is our advanced Automotive Type of battery desulfation technology used on 12 or 48 volt batteries.   Full digital operation with a "Touch-Screen" display, the 4812 allows a small battery operator the speed and power to quickly restore smaller lead-acid batteries, such as those used in cars, trucks and golf carts.

Requires 120 VAC electricity. 

Dealerships and Business Opportunities are available


We have both national and International Business Opportunities available.  Please fee free to contact us for further information.  



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Rental Pool Program


Our Industry Exclusive Rental Pool Program allows you to rent Model 8000 units by the week.  Whether you temporarily need 1, 100 or 400 units , ... "simply rent them when you need them".  

Tune your FLEET IN LESS THAN A WEEK with Battrecon!  

About Us


 We are the world's largest producer of Commercial Grade Battery Desulfation Systems, with the fastest and most effective results!    BattRecon Systems have been in the field for fourteen years in 45 countries with over 1,100 machines built to date.  Our systems have successfully improved hundreds of thousands of batteries world-wide by the application of our 5-Minute BattRecon Process!  

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