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Model 4812 / 4848

Advanced automotive type of battery desulfation technology

The Model 4812 or 4848 is our advanced automotive type of battery desulfation technology used on 12 or 48 volt batteries. With full digital operation via a touchscreen display, the 4812 allows a small battery operator the speed and power to quickly restore smaller lead-acid batteries, such as those used in cars, trucks, and golf carts.

Model 4812 is a variant of model 4800 but is specifically designed to work with 12 VDC automotive batteries. While this system is based on the 4800, it is microprocessor-controlled with a 7″ capacitive touchscreen control interface. This system has an autorun function. Working voltage is 12 VDC. Output is between 5 and 225 peak amps. This system will desulfate batteries up to 300ah.

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Key Features

For 12v automotive batteries
Fully automated
Requires 120 VAC electricity
Built into military-grade carrying case