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Model 6080

The world’s most sophisticated, cloud-based full servicing and diagnostic system.

The BattMedic is our flagship model. It is a 3-in-1 system which has a patented desulfation module, a PWM-based load bank and a charger bypass system that will allow you to plug in a charger to charge through our system.

The BattRecon Cloud allows you to scan, command and control a BattRecon Model 6080 device from anywhere in the world. Learn more

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Key Features

This system uses a single point connection with the battery to allow the sequencing between the battery and a charger, the BattRecon Desulfation Process and a load discharge test. Never move batteries between the charger and load tester again!

24/36/48 Multi-volt operation
Desulfate any capacity battery
Load test capacity up to 1500ah @ C6 rating
Cloud control
Wifi via mobile hotspot
Fully automated
Requires 120 VAC electricity
Patented desulfation module

The BattRecon Cloud

The world’s only cloud-based battery servicing

The BattRecon Cloud is a patented process allowing you to scan, command, and control a BattRecon Model 6080 device from anywhere in the world, even when hovering in a helicopter above Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

While most of us don’t need to check the status of a battery service cycle on the Model 6080 during a flight in a helicopter, it’s nice to be able to share the process of the battery restoration with your client in real time via the internet, or to update the status or even change the operational parameters of the process in real time while you are stuck in traffic or while watching television at home.

All you need is cell tower service with internet connection for the Model 6080, then using your internet-connected cell phone, tablet or home computer, you can monitor and control the progress of your full desulfation, charge and discharge process from anywhere in the world.